Rexnord Launches 3122 & 3125 Hybrid MatTop Chains for Automotive Industry


Our heaviest duty chains for heavy load conveying

Milwaukee, WI (USA) – Designed for long runs and heavy loads, Rexnord launches the Rexnord 3122 and 3125 Hybrid MatTop Chains. Both chains are ideal for automotive and industrial industry applications, such as skid cross transfer; single and dual strand assembly; single and dual strand washdown and water test; and single and dual strand inspection.
Additionally, the chains feature:

  • Solid stainless steel pins and tension plates — ensures superior stiffness and fatigue strength, improving running properties, mitigating pulsation and providing extended chain life
  • Three-inch pitch — allows for smaller sprocket diameter, providing for a more compact construction and flexible drive-train package; also allows for shallow pit or above ground construction
  • Solid nylon and H-style sprocket design — provides a durable and abrasive resistant sprocket; ideal sprocket to chain interaction leading to longer chain life
  • Modular design — every link is a connecting link, resulting in ease of maintenance and repair
  • Heavy load capable — move heavier loads over longer distances as a single conveying system
The 3122 Hybrid MatTop Chain offers a safety top design, making it suitable for wet or dry environments, and providing a traction point between operator and chain. The chain also provides a perforated open area, allowing liquid or exhaust flow through the chain.

The 3125 Hybrid MatTop Chain features RubberTop material for a higher friction surface, ensuring proper skid positioning during frequent start-stop operations ― such as a buffer system between the paint shop and assembly department (product won’t shift on chain). The chain also offers a SolidTop surface, allowing the skids to be aligned mechanically before transferring to the next conveyor.

Visit to request more information or a quote. To learn more about the Rexnord 3122 and 3125 Hybrid MatTop Chains, call Rexnord Technical Support at 262-376-4800 (customers in North America) or +31 174 445 111 (customers in Europe).
PDF: Rexnord 3122 Hybrid MatTop Chain
PDF: Rexnord 3125 Hybrid MatTop Chain

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