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MCG22011E Rex Roller Chains for Gypsum Dryers Graphics for Blog_Thumb 150x188_R2_WEB
Author: Jorg Heuer | Category: Industrial Chain, Industrial Equipment, Material Handling
The gypsum dryer is the last step in the manufacturing process. During the vital drying step, a conveyor belt driven by a roller chain moves gypsum plaster boards through an oven. It may sound simple, but several key components and conditions have to work together to ensure quality drywall.
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Author: Thomas Gontermann | Category: Industrial Chain
Regal Rexnord RexPro Roller Chain is the standard for high-quality chains. Made in Germany, RexPro and RexProX feature a combination of select steels, optimized manufacturing, and Regal Rexnord RexPro Lubrication, resulting in outstanding product characteristics. The chains are available in European and American standard.
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Author: Robin Olson | Category: Gear, PT Drive Components
Gearbox failure results in costly downtime and mechanical repairs. Learn what causes gearbox failure and how to prevent it.
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Author: Ryan Schuller-Rach | Category: Gear, PT Drive Components
Torque limiters protect high-powered equipment from mechanical overloads caused by excess torque. Learn how torque limiter couplings help prevent damaged equipment and unplanned downtime.
Run Dry 60 Series
Author: Eric Buechelle | Category: Conveying Solutions
Regal Rexnord has committed years of research and development to enable our customers to run dry and reduce lubricant and water consumption. With the Regal Rexnord Dry Run 60 Series TableTop Chain in 7.5-inch and 3.25-inch width, we are able to provide a complete portfolio of run dry solutions in modular plastic and tabletop.
bearing advantage heavy-duty truck transmission
Author: Mike Martin | Category: Bearings
At Regal Rexnord®, service has always been a top priority and a competitive advantage, and we take pride in our ability to make high-quality products available when our customers need them. Discuss your Cylindrical Roller Bearing needs.
cylindrical, roller, bearing, nomenclature
Author: Mark Czubak | Category: Bearings
Customers often ask about our product nomenclature for cylindrical roller bearings: the numbers and letters that determine a product description. Here’s the "inside story."
bearing advantage heavy-duty truck transmission
Author: Jason Ludwig | Category: Bearings
Regal Rexnord® has developed an internal program to analyze a cylindrical roller bearing under a given duty cycle to determine the probability that a selected bearing will meet the life requirement of the specific system. The program accounts for ring and roller crowning and calculates loads, which are affected by the component geometry.
bearing advantage heavy-duty truck transmission
Author: Marlon Casey | Category: Bearings
Using the Regal Rexnord power transmission analysis with duty cycle gearbox life and reliability calculation techniques, we can select and optimize the proper bearing type to maximize the support bearing’s life potential for your gearbox, keeping your trucks on the road.
Adjusting your cylindrical roller bearings
Author: Dale Stallard | Category: Bearings
It is not uncommon for cylindrical roller bearings to require modifications to meet the demands of a particular application. Heavy loads, high speeds, poor lubrication parameters, dissimilar housing/shaft materials and unique mounting conditions all may require modifications or adjustments.